Smarrimento oggetti

Lost Property on ATAP buses

Property or luggage found on board a bus should be given to the driver or a member of staff who will bring it to the nearest company office.
Property will be kept there for 15 days, after which it will be sent to the Lost Property Office in the Comune of Biella or in the case of documents of valuable objects to the Questura in Biella.
For information regarding lost property please call 015 8488411 during office hours from Monday to Friday.


Company offices:

  • BIELLA – Viale Macallè, 40 Tel. 015-84.88.411
  • VERCELLI – Corso Gastaldi, 16 Tel. 0161-25.00.15
  • ALICE CASTELLO – Via Don Caffaro, 4 Tel. 0161-90.57.1
  • PRAY BIELLESE – Via Biella, 21 Tel. 015-76.71.67