MOG231 – Codice Etico

ATAP spa has adopted an organisational model for management and control for which the company administration holds no responsibility in accordance with Public office Act no. 231 dated 8 June 2001.

It is the policy of the company to maintain and ensure its high reputation for ethical behaviour and fair dealing in the conduct of its business. To this end, the company has adopted a procedure for ORGANISATION, MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL which is in line with Public office Acts and guidelines issued by the ASSTRA Association.
This initiative was taken in the belief that the adoption of such a MODEL/ Code of Conduct is a valid tool for increasing the awareness of all staff members of the importance of correct and ethical conduct and behaviour which are the foundation stones of the COMPANY and to ensure that there are no breaches of the Public Office Acts.

This Code of Conduct includes, among other things, the Code of Ethics specifically adopted by the company and the penalty system set out in the Public Office Act 231 which sanctions against a breach of the code of conduct. This has 16 sections which cover all possible areas of violation and is a useful model for corporate governance which ensures:

– The promotion and defence of ethical principles which reflect the company;

– A structured system of prevention and control in order to reduce the risk of committing crimes and violations of the Code of Ethics adopted by the company;

– Clear information for persons working for ATAP in any capacity such that it is clear that any breach of conduct will result in sanctions or in the termination of the contract.

The adoption of this model forms part of the ISO 9001 (Quality Certification, acquired in 2000), ISO 14004 (Environmental certification acquired in 2008) and OHSAS 18001(Health and Safety Certifications, acquired in 2012). This is part of the organisational structure consistent with company policy which is geared to meet the principle needs of clients and in the adoption of procedures to comply a code of conduct for the common good in various aspects of the company: Company stakeholders, clients and all staff or consultants to ATAP.

Code of Conduct ATAP