Qualità del servizio

ATAP s.p.a. Service Quality

(Updated, 13.10.2012)

ATAP places great importance on the quality of the services they offer their passengers and they work hard to constantly improve the punctuality, reliability and comfort of their services.

Thanks to the constant renewal of their fleet, by 2012 over 91% of their vehicles have air conditioning.

The attention given to service quality is not just limited to comfort on board, but extends to the
courtesy of our staff and the organisation of our company.
Service quality is certified by  ISO 9001 – 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which guarantee and monitor the service offered to passengers, the proper management of business processes and environmental and safety concerns.

The Service Guidelines has all the data for quality indices, safety of the trip, personal safety, punctuality, cleanliness, comfort and more.